falköne is a compelling artist who isn't afraid to challenge musical norms and experiment with sounds to create music of all different genres. Production-wise, falköne has had a hand in creating drum and bass, trap, neurohop, glitch hop, and many more. falköne has worked with (whether it be remix or production credits) Australian talent such as Zathlute, Mani Blü, GRVYRDS, Data Roaming, and much more. Not being constricted by what is popular and forever discovering different techniques, falköne is an ever evolving upcoming artist to look out for. Releasing music on Badkill Records and Pantheon: Type 91, falköne has proven to be an active force in electronic music.

As a DJ, falköne has played in a variety of different spaces - from large underground house parties and clubs to doofs. Performing at Brisbane venues such as "The Church", "The TBC Club", "House of Wubz", "Cosmic Connections Doof", "Crystal Waters Chill Sesh", "Sub Rosa" and regularly streaming at Brisbane's Frequencies Studio, falköne has proven to be an active force in Brisbane music. falköne competed as a Wildcard entrant in the Yourshot competition in 2019. falköne also boasts experience overseas, both DJing in England and New Zealand. Always up to create a vibe and atmosphere in any space, falköne strives to create a varied experience that people can enjoy and haven't experienced before.

About Me

I am 23 years old and currently reside in Brisbane, Australia. Originally from Guernsey, I moved to New Zealand at a young age, before arriving in Australia. I have always had a keen interest in music - with a background in piano, guitar, and clarinet. Outside of music, I have a Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Honours). I am very much a cat person. 

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